Backlit Frameless Aluminum LED Fabric Light Box

Backlit Frameless Aluminum LED Fabric Light Box
  • OEM
  • China
  • 15 days
  • 1000 Pieces per Month

1. Any size can be customized, size unlimited.
2.The power consumption is just 60w/sqm, save power consumption and save the cost.
3. Adopt LED strip lights with life span over 100,000 hours, no maintenance over 10 years.
4.The brightness of each LED can reach to 50LM, low power consumption but high brightness, the best brightness of LED light box could be over 5000LUX.
5. Combine with UV printing, make the poster bright-colored.
6. Original optics refraction technology, solve the problem of the traditional light box.
7. Adopt high quality aluminum profile, many kinds can meet requirements from different clients.
8. Adopt snap-on frame and hook design, easy to change poster.

Product Name:Backlit Frameless Aluminum LED Fabric Light Box

Aluminum LED Fabric Light Box

Backlit Frameless LED Fabric Light Box

Product Feature:

Backlit Frameless Aluminum LED Fabric Light Box

1. Frameless, easy to change poster by silicon rubber.

2. Popular for  wall-mounted and hanging

3. Single side or double side.

4. LED optical-panel used for a great even illumination .

5. Adapter with certifications of GS, SA, CE, PES,SAA.

6. The fabric can be fast opened,easy artwork change and installation

7. Using digital electronic ballast and high quality illuminant

8. Low power consumption: 2 to 10W (can save the 80% energy compare to traditional light box)

9. The working power is 12v,it is safer.Long lifespan with at least 50,000hours

10. High quality LED source with even brightness and less aging for light box

11. Color Silver Anodised as standard,or your choice of RAL colors

Application: promotion show,exhibition hall, train station, airport, etc

Use for: Advertising, Menu, etc.  

Product Parameter:

Advertising Backlit Led Frameless Fabric Light Box

1. Slim thickness 28mm~90mm

2. Aluminum alloy material, frameless design

3. Imported tension fabric, UV printing

4. Energy conservation and environment protection





Backlit Frameless Aluminum LED Fabric Light Box

Model No.



Aluminum alloy


Customized Size


80 mm

Material of Poster

Tension fabric


LED lighting Strips 

Product details:

1. Aluminium Frame can be different color

Frameless design, fashionable and more attractive


advertising light box

Aluminum LED Fabric Light Box

2. Constant Voltage Backlit LED lighting Source. 

The use of high thermal conductivity aluminum, good thermal conductivity

No light spot, low light failure

Low power consumption, high brightness, maintenance free, long life.

Backlit Frameless LED Fabric Light Box

advertising light box

3. Tension fabric poster on UV printing.

High quality printing, rich details of expression, level significantly

color more colorful, quality and visual impact 

strong uvioresistant, never fade in 3 years.

Aluminum LED Fabric Light Box

Backlit Frameless LED Fabric Light Box

Successful case:

advertising light box

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